an ancient healing practice


This therapy is part of the ancient tradition of Native American Indians.

These candles are now used all over the world as a clearing therapy which can be helpful for many ear related problems. 

The ear candles are handmade from cotton, beeswax and impregnated with honey and essential oils and both ears are treated, each with a new ear candle.  This non-invasive therapy can help with ear and sinus conditions, snoring, ear wax, sinusitis, glue ear, headaches, tinnitus, Menieres disease, for those who swim or dive and for migraines.Ear candling can also help to reduce the feeling of excessive pressure e.g when flying.

The warm vapours of the ear candles soothe the inner and outer senses and the session ends with a massage of the head, neck and shoulders to help integrate the ear candle therapy.

This very warming and soothing treatment brings a sense of calm and well being and relaxation.

The ear candles have a purely physical effect and are certified accordance with European directive.