balancing and harmonising  


 This is a traditional Japanese therapy which is unique and can't really be compared with other forms of face massage.  It treats the skin and muscles of the face and internal organs by balancing the energy or Ki of the whole body.  This is a refined massage which is carried out in accordance with original Japanese medical theory. 


In the East all things are seen as forms of energy.  All things are manifestations of the universal power of life.  In China this is known as Qi and in Japan, Ki.  According to the eastern view of health we are an energy field and from this the body is formed and Qi or Ki is essential for health signifying that the human body is working in harmony - all is well.

The Oriental concept of beauty and health has been continually refined through the ages.  Health and longevity have long been associated with beauty, and beauty has always been considered to be a sign of perfect balance between physical, psychological and spiritual health.  According to Japanese tradition, beauty develops only if these three qualities are in harmony. 

Meridians are the channels which Ki flows through.  There are twelve main meridians each of which are connected to an organ.  On the meridians are points known as Tsubo and this is where the circulation of Ki can be influenced: a surplus can be diminished, a lack can be increased and congestion can be removed.  Balance and harmony in the body follows. 

In Japanese Therapeutic Facial Massage all these factors are taken into consideration.  Part of the massage is known as the 'energetic phase' (but don't worry, it is all very gentle!) which stimulates certain points through direct pressure and stroking techniques.  Application of pressure on certain points stimulates particular nerves in the body to bring improvement to both the facial tissue and the circulation of body fluids.  Various organs are stimulated and balanced through working in this way - the small and large intestine, the gall bladder, the stomach, the bladder and many more.  

The method used works with the meridians to rebalance the Ki and so allows harmonising takes place.  

All parts of the body feel the effect of the movements taking place on the face and as a result the face feels 'lifted' - to some extent a natural facelift has occurred.

A client has written about her experience...this massage is a profoundly relaxing and therapeutic experience. Even though the massage strokes are concentrated on the face, neck and shoulders, the effect travels right around and through your whole body. Tension is released from all of the muscles from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes.
But this is more than a physical massage. Under the particular pattern and pressure of the different massage movements, it becomes a retreat, a meditation. Gradually your mind calms and you drift away from your everyday concerns to a place of deep peace and serenity.
When you re-emerge you feel eased and refreshed, and with glowing,
supple skin too!

The treatment will take about an hour and half which includes time at the end where you will be left on the couch for ten to fifteen minutes and then brought warm water to drink which helps with the elimination of toxins from the body ~ if these were to remain it would decrease the efficacy of the treatment.

To begin with the optimal frequency is once a week or once every ten days for three sessions and then the treatment can be boosted to once a month.  It also works as a one-off, relaxation session but it won't be as therapeutic.