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Homeopathy is a system of healing which is truly holistic.

It is a gentle way of looking at the whole person and not just the disease or illness, to effectively heal the cause of the problem rather than just masking or suppressing the symptoms. Homeopathy is a safe, effective and drug-free system of complementary medicine that has been practised all over the world for over 200 years.

In the 18th century medical science was in its infancy and the practice of blood-letting, use of leeches and giving massive doses of drugs were common place. After practising medicine for twenty years and studying the relatively new science of chemistry, Dr Samuel Hahnemann established the homeopathic system of medicine in order to treat ill people as gently and as effectively as possible.  

 Stress and viruses create imbalances, the signs of which can be seen emotionally,physically and/or mentally which lead to dis-ease in the body. Help is then needed to bring the mind, body and emotions back into balance and normal functioning and this work is done by the homeopathic remedies which use mainly herbal substances and so are non-toxic and non-habit forming.

There are no adverse side effects and so they are suitable for all ages and during pregnancy.

 They encourage the body to rebalance itself and are suitable for a wide range of conditions. There are a small number of occasions when it would not be beneficial to take them at the same time as specific orthodox drugs, but you would be advised of this. It is important to have as great an understanding as possible of each patient so at the initial consultation details about health and lifestyle are taken in order to select the most suitable remedies.

Arnica is familiar to many people as a treatment for bruising.

Homeopathy treats like with like. A remedy is found to match the symptoms and the body's immune system then fights what it perceives to be the stronger disease with increased vigour. As the artificial disease loses its strength, balance is restored to the whole system.  

Homeopathy represents a form of energy medicine that is designed to provide the stimulus to balance the internal processes of regulation, regeneration, recovery and resistance.

They form part of a practical and integrated approach to health that includes diet, nutrition, exercise and relaxation.  

I trained with Sue Fuller of the Kesteven Natural Health Centre in Lincolnshire. The Centre has been licensed since 1971 by the Department of Health, Medicines Control Agency and MHRA, to supply its unique range of Vibronic Homeopathy, which has been developed for use in the prevention and management of many common ailments and conditions.  Known as Vibronic Homeopathy, these remedies are an advanced form of homeopathy and are based on the same principles of homeopathy established by Hahnemann.