a unique relationship


The mentoring path is partly about learning the mechanics of Dance leading and becoming a Dance Leader but it also about working with energy and building magnetism. Essentially it is about passing the baton of Samuel Lewis's transmission and vision.  A mentoring relationship between two people, mentor and mentee, helps to ensure that the strength of the Dances will continue and not be diluted.

This process, of course, is primarily for the mentee but I see it as another opportunity to revisit and reassess my own intentions as a Mentor and as a Dance leader.  It is always my greatest hope that this work will be a journey towards reaching the deeper transmission - from the heart of the Dances to one's own heart - strong, direct and true. Much can be learned from watching, listening, absorbing - perhaps even more than from doing, but the doing gives us the opportunity to learn to be centred and still.  It is an ongoing process - learning, developing, growing - being in the Dances, being the Dances, not just doing the Dances.

We trust that the Spirit of Guidance is present and working to guide development and for it to be certain, sure, strong, and deep and for each step to be taken in complete confidence, with inner authority, with humility, with slow deliberation and have some fun too! 

As a Mentor I am able to offer guidance to those who feel drawn to become Dance leaders.


You will have experience of the Dances of Universal Peace

You would need to become a member of the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace either directly or via the UK Network (www.dancesofuniversalpeace.co.uk)

You would need to experience the Dances with me on a regular basis as and when possible and practical.

There is a yearly payment of £95 which maintains the mentoring relationship and entitles the mentee to (reasonable) time with me either by email,by phone or in person during the course of the year.

If you are interested in mentoring with me then please do phone or email.

The Mentoring Relationship

The transmission that takes place in the mentor/mentee relationship is not dependent on being with the mentor.  I learned mostly from being in the Dance circle with my Mentor as much as possible and by feeling the connection to him when leading Dances myself.  It is an 'energetic' relationship,connecting on an inner level and that is certainly my experience with my Mentor.  I found questions were answered before I knew I needed to ask the questions, in fact we have not ever 'talked' much on the subject at all but that has not lessened the relationship

I realise that this can sound quite fanciful but it is how it works and its also what makes it so exciting. The mentor-mentee relationship is two-way and should be one of trust and respect and being willing to be open to receive the guidance and learning in order to experience growth and change and to be of service through the Dances.

My journey with the Dances has felt very special, unique and absorbing and I can't imagine a time when I will ever stop learning from the Dances and from my mentees- the magic and joy of the Dances continues.

There is more about mentoring if you visit www.dancesofuniversalpeace.org and click on the 'Mentoring' link at the top of the page.