breath is life

We all know about breathing and we all know how to breathe. Or do we?

We all know the mechanics of breathing. We breathe in and we breathe out - but what else is there to know?

If we don't breathe well and fully then how can we live life to the fullest?

We breathe. Our breath brings oxygen and other gases into the body and we breathe out carbon dioxide. This needs to happen every moment of our lives from the second we are born. Unfortunately the breath we breathe isn't always the fullest, most nourishing, most useful. It keeps us going is all we can say really, but then again, if we are healthy individuals and don't suffer from a breathing disorder, how much do we have to think about our breath or how we breathe?  

There are many factors that may prevent us from breathing well but the first step towards healthy breathing is to become conscious of the way we breathe. When we feel panicky, listless or stressed, we take short, shallow gasps of air.

This shallow, rapid breathing results in a lack of oxygen which restricts the flow of blood and causes muscle tension. It can make us feel breathless, tired and creates foggy thinking.

The way we breathe affects our whole body.  

Full, deep breathing is an effective way to reduce tension and stress, and help us feel more alert.  Breath work is gentle and safe and a proven technique to help many physical problems such as high blood pressure, IBS, and some skin problems. It can be very effective in helping to overcome panic attacks, stress and anxiety and can help to control pain. 

In learning to breathe more fully and with more awareness we can begin to feel a sense of well-being and feel more connected to our bodies. We create breathing space into which we can release negativity, stress, anxiety, worry and fear. These are then replaced by feelings of positivity, happiness and well being which in turn can help us to realise our full potential, physically and emotionally.

We can feel calmer and more in control of our inner feelings. 

We can feel more confident in our responses to challenges and situations we face in our daily lives and how we interact with others.

Through our breath we can realise our potential and maintain optimum health.  

There are many different ways of working with the breath. In these sessions we will learn how breathe more fully, more rhythmically, more consciously. We then learn how to refine the breath and we can then begin to feel the changes that come about through this process on all levels so we can apply it in our daily lives. 

If we trust our breath and our ability to breathe fully, we then find that we feel more at one with life and nature - we can come to know our inner physical self and our spiritual self. 

' spiritual development, unless the breath can be made fine, it cannot penetrate through the important centres of the body and it cannot reach far enough into the innermost parts of one's life'

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Mystic