journey into stillness


The tradition of meditation dates back to the beginning of human history and it is said, the deeper the meditation, the deeper the healing.

Body and the mind are interlinked and so how we are feeling mentally is reflected in the body, and vice versa.

The purpose of meditation is to channel our awareness into a more positive direction by concentrating on the inner self and by transforming the state of mind.

To meditate is to turn inwards and this helps to quiet the mind and create feelings of stillness and calm helping to restore peace and harmony in our lives.

  There are many forms of meditation and meditative practices.  Whatever form of meditation is used, they all use concentration techniques which help us to witness our thoughts, still our minds and find clarity.   Stress can be the root cause of many illnesses and meditation, by giving us another perspective, helps to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Turning our attention inwards helps us to feel more in control of our busy lives. 

Meditation provides a space where the pace is slower; it helps us to feel that our lives are more regulated which in turn helps us to feel less stressed.  Meditation can help us by changing our physiology, our biochemistry and improve our immunity to diseases by inducing a state of relaxation and altering states of consciousness. Many people are turning towards various meditative techniques in order to cope with the increasing stress of modern-day life.  

A session of guided meditation begins with a talk about how things are in your life, where you are in your life, what your hopes and aspirations might be and what you would like the meditation to achieve for you.

The guided meditation begins by using breathing techniques to still the mind. 

Like a lake, your mind gradually becomes stiller, without ripples. 

The heart rate slows, the breath creates a sense of peacefulness and the mind becomes less cluttered. Together we will then move through a series of scenarios.  It's like listening to a story and being so caught up in it that you find yourself part of it. The framework is given, but you create the details, feeling texture, hearing sounds,and my role is to help you by responding to the world that you are creating.This then helps you find space where you can explore your needs and what you would like to bring to your life.  

This practice not only helps with learning the techniques of meditation to use yourself at home, but also helps with personal growth, finding desired outcomes and a more positive attitude towards life in general. This can all help towards a feeling of empowerment.  

Meditation is the perfect medicine.