simple yet profound


Energy centres are also known as chakras. These were named and developed in India but it seems that knowledge of their effects and importance appears to reach back to the beginning of humanity.  These centres are known in many diverse cultures.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. They are cone shaped vortices situated at set points in the body which vibrate and spin within the energy body.   Simply, the chakras are energy centres. They draw energy in from the universal energy field which is then sent into the energy pathways of the body - known as meridians in traditional Chinese healing or nadis in the Indian yogic system. 

Each chakra operates at a different density and so their energy travels through, and affects the body at many levels and in many ways, through the nervous system and the endocrine glands.

Our state of mind, our physical body and spiritual awareness are governed by the chakras.  Maintenance of these energy centres is central to our sense of health and well-being.

There are many different methods but it is the simplicity of this one that appeals.

A crystal pendulum is held above each of the seven centres.  The pendulum will then spin clockwise, anticlockwise, to and fro ~ any one or all of these movements are possible ~ and eventually it stops.  At this point the energy centre is balanced and functioning correctly.  There is time at the end to discuss what has been experienced. 

This is a very brief outline of a very complicated system.  The way I work with it is in a very simplified form, and yet it works in a profound way. 

This can be a stand alone therapy or combined with any of the other therapies I offer to enhance each of them as part of an holistic approach.

Jean is a client who has this therapy on regular basis and she writes:

"By listening to an assessment of the present condition of the chakras (energy points) one gets a better understanding of where one is at the moment, what parts are out of harmony.

Afterwards there is a feeling of lightness and balance. I don't find this easy to explain - of course each time is different and what happens depends on my state at that moment, but all of the sessions lead to a better understanding of myself, throw light on my physical, mental and emotional states, and it is this that is most valuable - as it gives me a rounded holistic way of working which internalises and illuminates my way of living"